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If you are an author interested in having me edit your manuscript, please email me. Include the genre and word count of your story as well as what kind of editorial advice you are seeking. Or if it's easier, fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Preferred genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Romance; short fiction welcome!


Editor for indie authors' novels, novellas, and short story collections. Anthology editor, editorial assistant, copyeditor, and proofreader. I've worked on several professional magazines and anthologies including Lightspeed, Nightmare, Wastelands 2, Triangulation, Dead Man's Hand, Fantasy Magazine (ebook conversion). References and resume available!


"Stephanie Lorée was about the best editor I could ask for. Her edit was thorough and exhaustive, catching a multitude of errors in mechanics, clarity, and continuity, all the while respecting the style of the piece. I recommend her to anyone looking to put the final polish on their novel."

"Stephanie is an extremely careful copyeditor, and prompt as well--a rare combination!"

"Steph has edited four of my novels (and one novella) and done a fantastic job on all of them. Her comments and suggestions are always astute, comprehensive and frequently witty. She’s always friendly and helpful, and she knows her gerund from her subjunctive. She's helped me improve my sentences, chapters and books greatly, and I recommend her highly."

"Stephanie is the total editorial package. She gave attention to every word I wrote, helping with more than just grammar, syntax, and story. Her notes explore the work from the perspective of the writer as well as the reader. She breaks down plot, pacing, character, dialog, setting, theme, ETC, and leaves you in a position to craft the best work possible. And beyond that, Stephanie offered me support, as an editor, as a fan, and as a friend. It’s really all you can ask and more."

Services & Pricing

Prices will increase in 2018! Schedule now!
My rates are negotiable based on your needs. Lighter edits (copyediting, proofreading) run approximately $0.005 / word, while a full edit (everything I can do for you) is $0.01 / word. Also, I now offer a critique service for authors looking more for professional feedback in preparation for submission to markets, agents, and acquiring editors. This service is particularly useful for short fiction and new authors, as it will keep costs down and focuses on improving your overall craft.

Once we've settled on a rate and deadline, I require half of the agreed price up front and the final half on delivery. I accept payments via PayPal (preferred) or snail-mail check.

Critique Services:
I will provide editorial notes focused on the overall story and prose. Within these notes will be specific examples and techniques for improvement. I will look for plot errors, characterization issues, repetitive grammatical issues, and provide general advice to improve your craft. Finally, based on my experience as an acquiring editor and slush reader, I will tell you if I believe this is ready for pro-market sale and/or which markets I'd suggest for submission. Cost: $25 / 10,000 words

I will provide editorial notes via Track Changes in Word for the following types of errors: spelling, grammar, punctuation, incorrect word usage, style consistency, flagging cliches, inappropriate figures of speech, point of view slips, verb tense changes, eliminating wordiness, redundancies, repetitive word use, inappropriate jargon, and changing passive voice to active (if requested). Cost: $0.005 / word

Full Edit:
In addition to all copyediting notes described above, I will also provide suggestions and notes to smooth transitions and sentence "flow," restructure sentences to enhance readability, suggest and implement additions/deletions at sentence and paragraph level, and track continuity errors (plot/setting/characters).

I will provide a 1-5 page editorial sheet with developmental edits. Where copyediting covers the minutiae of writing, developmental editing is the "big picture." It is also where I see the most errors happen. This covers characters, dialogue, actions/reactions, setting (as a character/theme), plot (the number one problem area!), pacing, structure, suspense, emotional impact, and theme.

I will provide reasonable consultation during the revision process to answer any questions, provide additional feedback, and give general guidance and encouragement. This is truly having me as your personal editor, and I strongly recommend you choose this option. The majority of my clients and all those who are ready to self-publish their work choose the full edit. Cost: $0.01 / word


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