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Short Fiction

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Ginny & the Ouroboros, coming soon! (reprint), Digital Fiction Publishing

The Witch & the Gods' War, 2018, (audio) Manawaker Studio’s Flash Fiction Podcast

The Woman on the Bench, 2018 (reprint), Digital Fiction Publishing

The Witch & the Gods' War, 2017, Abyss & Apex

The Woman on the Bench, 2016 (reprint), Digital Fiction Publishing

Monsters Among Us, 2015-2016, Pathfinder Journal: Paizo Inc

The Cicadas of Okinawa, 2015 (reprint), Niteblade *Pushcart Prize Nominated*

The Skin Script, 2015 (reprint), 1st and Starlight

Ginny & the Ouroboros, 2015, Urban Fantasy Magazine *Writers of the Future Finalist*

The Woman on the Bench, 2014, Penumbra eMag, Vol 4, Issue 1

Armored, 2014, Pathfinder Tales:  Paizo Inc

A Contract Between Thieves, 2014 (reprint), Drunk on Writing: The Best of Write1Sub1

To Kill a Thief, 2013, The Crimson Pact, Volume 5

The Cicadas of Okinawa, 2013, Penumbra eMag, Vol 2, Issue 10 *Tangent Online's Recommend Reads*

Wizard's Cube, 2012, The Drabbler #21

A Contract Between Thieves, 2012, The Crimson Pact, Volume 3

The Old Ones are Coming, 2012, The Drabbler #20

The Skin Script, 2011, An Honest Lie, Volume 3

As Editor

Once Upon the Longest Night edited by Charissa Weaks, 2018 (assistant)

Fire of Ages by J.S. Bangs, 2017

The Tesla Paradox 2: Kraut Balls by Lawrence Rowe, 2017

A Modest Proposal by Lawrence Rowe, 2017

The Tesla Paradox 1: Foo Fighters by Lawrence Rowe, 2017

Peak Crosser by Adam Mangum, 2016

Throne of Ruins by J.S. Bangs, 2016

Queen of Slaves by J.S. Bangs, 2016

Pride of Empires by J.S. Bangs, 2016

I am Providence by Nick Mamatas, 2016

Bubblenomics II by Lawrence Rowe, 2016

Coin of Kings by J.S. Bangs, 2016

Witch King by Simon Kewin, 2016

Heir of Iron by J.S. Bangs, 2016

Wyrm Lord by Simon Kewin, 2015

Hyrn by Simon Kewin, 2015

Fire from Ashes by B.E. Priest, 2015

Women Destroy Horror edited by Ellen Datlow, 2014 (proofreader)

Women Destroy Fantasy edited by Cat Rambo, 2014 (proofreader)

Women Destroy Science Fiction edited by Christie Yang, 2014 (proofreader)

Drunk on Writing: The Best of Write1Sub1, Volume 1 edited by Stephanie Lorée, 2014

Heir Expectant by B.E. Priest, 2014

Blue Eyes at Night by J.P. Wilder, 2014

Scion of the Wood by B.E. Priest, 2014

Hedge Witch by Simon Kewin, 2014

The Genehunter: The Complete Casebook by Simon Kewin, 2014

Triangulation: The Morning After, 2012, edited by Stephen V. Ramey (assistant)

Bubblenomics by Lawrence Rowe, 2011

Other Credits & Awards

The Cicadas of Okinawa, 2015, Nomination, Pushcart Prize

Ginny & the Ouroboros, Q4 2013, Finalist, Writers of the Future

The Cicadas of Okinawa, 2013, Recommended Read, Tangent Online

Dr. Frankenmuth, 2012, 7×20 Magazine

Memorial, 2012, Amaranthology

Three Winters, 2011, Apollo’s Lyre

The Conversation Piece, 2011, joyful!

Zombie Robot, 2011, trapeze magazine

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